Sunday, March 16, 2014

Easter Filet Crochet

Back in late January, I posted about a project I was working on. It was a beautiful filet crochet pattern with lilies and three crosses on the hill that I hoped to finish in time for Easter. I found it for FREE on In that post, I promised to post pictures of my work in progress, but never got around to it. Sorry! Good news is I finished it way before Easter, so I have a nice center piece. I am so happy about it. :)  Here's a picture of it. Not to brag or anything but it's not too shabby if I say so myself.

My beautiful creation.
Filet crochet is fairly easy to do and you can create so many different designs using only a few different types of stitches.

The final product ended up being about 21 inches long and 18 inches height. If you study my version against the original one, you'll notice some minor differences. About halfway through I noticed I did a mistake. In order to fix it, I would have undone multiple lines of crochet. Not one or two, but A LOT of lines I worked on over multiple days. I opted to press on, and blend the mistake in. I bet you can't find it!

For this project I used basic white crochet cotton with stainless steel hook size US 3/2.1mm. One ball of crochet cotton will provide more than enough thread to complete this project.

Happy hookin' and stitchin'!

Update: The site no longer works, but you can find the instructions here from an archived version of the page. The chart is available below.
3 crosses and lilies


  1. Oh my goodness...........your Easter piece is outstanding! You did a fine job on this one. I'm sure it must have looked gorgeous sitting on your table for Easter. You should be extremely proud of yourself and you definitely deserve bragging rights! LOL
    You mention you used basic cotton white crochet thread. Would the 'basic' mean you used #10 thread or something smaller?
    This would be stunning framed too -- either way, it is just plain beautiful.

  2. I love your work. I also started this pattern last year and lost it. Now doesn't show it, well not active anyway. If possible could you email me the pattern? I would love to finish it.




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