Sunday, May 4, 2014

Side project....great granny square

Okay, I'm still working on the floral table runner (as mentioned in my last post), but I need to start a side project. My seasonal allergies are kicking my butt and the anti-histamine I'm taking to keep my allergies under control make me a walking zombie. While filet crochet is NOT difficult, my drowsy state makes it hard to concentrate on the chart, which means I end up pulling out lots of stitches to fix mistakes.

So what's a drowsy hooker to do?
Cat blanket. Crochet: single granny square wit...
Cat blanket. Crochet: single granny square with scalloped edge, cotton. Original design. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sleep? No way. Rather than fight my condition, I'm changing projects until the bloomin' flowers are done making me all itchy and sneeze. Pick up a simple project that doesn't require any chart or pattern reading. Cue continuous granny square project!

As you can see in the example picture, the continuous granny square is just a really big granny square. You can change out colors at different rounds, just like a normal granny square, but you'll have lots of ends to weave in. I'm too lazy for all that weaving (remember, I'm too tired to read a chart), so I'm sticking with only one color. I'm using blue medium
worsted yarn left over from my Mario project. I'm not really sure what the dye lot is, since I lost that information some months ago, but I am fairly confident it is Red Heart. Only the best in my house hold :)
Blue medium worsted yarn

Once I get up enough energy I'll take and edit pictures of my great granny blanket for everybody. I'm think of using it as a background for a winter themed blanket which will have white crochet snowflakes sewed on to it. For the snowflakes I could use up my scrap white, grey, and off-white yarns.

What's your favorite simple crochet project you do for when you just want to mindlessly crochet?

Happy hookin' and stitchin'!
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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful blue granny when it's completed with the snowflakes. Sounds neat! I did see the finished big granny with your '''assistant''' (sweet) - the blue you used is gorgeous - jewel-like color. The white snowflakes will make it pop and I can't wait to see it completed. You truly inspire me!
    Bobbie :)




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