Friday, June 13, 2014


I think I'm at my wits end with this crochet project! I am trying to finish the second half of my table runner filet crochet project. Unfortunately, I keep on making mistakes trying to crochet the chart correctly and not catching the mistake until several lines later, so I end up having to frog a number of lines. I think I am up to 30 lines of crochet gone. Grrr! It feels like I am taking two steps forward and three steps back.

For those not up on the crochet lingo, I'm not talking about the cute little green guy. In crochet to frog, frogging, frogged, means pulling out all the stitches and undoing all your hard work.

I swear somebody made this meme for me. I served in the military, so you know some colorful language is coming from me as a disgruntle veteran frogging her project AGAIN!

You never truly learn to swear until you have to yank out
every stitch you crocheted over the past hour. Grrr!!
Why would somebody frog their work you ask? For me, I'm trying to crochet a mirror image of the opposite end of a table runner. In order to satisfy my OCD that orders balance and symmetry, the mirror image must be perfect. This means I'm yanking out stitches left and right when I find out that I missed a stitch. I am an artist suffering for her art, but in the end I know the yanking, cursing, and hard work will pay off. It will be beautiful!

Do you ever experience project set back like this? What do you do when it happens?

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