Saturday, August 16, 2014

Project Complete: Floral table runner

I finally finished my filet crochet table runner!

I am so, so proud of myself. This thing has been a source of much frustration over the past few months, but I persevered on. I made it! Now I can sit back admire the beauty of my hard work. To give you an idea of how agonizing this project has been to me, just know that it was my inspiration for the Frog It! post.

Technically I finished it last month, but I only got around to taking and editing photos of it recently. I was traveling and taking a break from this blog, but not from crocheting.

For those interested in trying to replicate my success, you can start out with my initial post about this project. You can easily pin the chart below. I slightly modified the pattern by removing one column, since the chart did not have the flower properly centered. It had an additional column. Most people probably will not pick up on it, but it bothered my undiagnosed OCD. So, I got rid of it. It's my project, I can do what I want. That's how I roll.

If you're going to follow the chart as is, you'll need to start off with a chain of 68 stitches. I'm working on a chart showing my modifications, which I'll post here once it is done.

If you complete this beauty, by all means leave a note in the comments so I can follow you. Happy hookin' and stitchin' my happy hookers.


  1. your entire process on your lovely filet crochet Floral Table Runner. I am in total awe how it turned out and would LOVE to use your corrected pattern to try to duplicate this beauty. Is the chart you show with this post the chart I should follow or did you make a correct one? Like you, I'd be pulling my hair out in total frustration if it came out not balanced. I am a perfectionist too, but wouldn't say I'm OCD. So before I even get started, I hope you will let me know if I should follow the chart in this post or wait for your chart.
    I'm proud of you for not giving up or giving in -- if you're doing to do a project, why not make it perfect? I have two crochet friends that have the "good enough" attitude about their projects and it drives me bonkers. It's so refreshing to find someone with my same values when it comes to any craft project. Do you think this would look okay done in #10 thread??
    Hope to hear back from you - Bobbie :)
    P.S. I drug my husband into my office to look at your beauty. He said, "Ohhhh! That is beautiful. Is that the same stuff like you did?" LOL Thought you might enjoy the humor in his comment.

    1. Oops, forgot to check the Notify Me button with my comment. I hope to hear from you.
      Bobbie :)

    2. Sorry took me so long to respond back. I've been busy with vacation, kids back to school, and work. Thank you for the kind words. I modified the chart, which I am working on for a future post. As soon as I have it ready, I'll post a notification here, which I hope gives you a notification. It would look great in #10 thread.

    3. Thank you, Jess. I know how it is to be busy. I've been busy with the gardens and greenhouses. Canning is never-ending here.
      I appreciate your response and look forward to your modified chart and future post.
      Happy Day To You - Bobbie :)




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