Friday, October 27, 2017

Christmas Time Crochet Time

It is hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner. Okay, it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, but if you plan on doing any handmade gifts this year, now is the time to think about getting started. Otherwise, you may pull some late nighters during crunch time trying to complete the gift(s) by the big day. It is supposed to be a wonderful time of year instead of cursing a gift of love as you run out of time.

I've been perusing through Pinterest (I know! A time sucking worm hole of endless possibilities) looking for potential projects. My search criteria is the pattern has to be free and link directly to the pattern. I get sick of being linked to one site only to click a link for another site to actually get the pattern. Five clicks later you're like, "where's the bleepin' pattern?" Below are a few projects that I am pondering in an easy pin format so you can pin and save it for later.


 These precious angels are so adorable! I'm not a fan of doing amigurumi dolls, because my dolls have a tendency to turnout a little distorted (ok, they're more of a Pinterest fail). These sweet angels are seriously making me reconsider. I have a little girl that would absolutely love these. Hmmmm....


Sticking with angels. This one looks like a great thread crochet project that would look stunning on top of the Christmas tree this year.


This is a cute Nativity set that is perfect for little, destructible hands. What a great way to teach little ones about the reason for the season?


A classic crochet Christmas/Winter project is the iconic thread snowflake. This one looks stunning! I would certainly love to receive this as a gift or have it hanging on my tree.


Here's another snowflake crochet pattern, which doesn't look as complex as the previous one. Bonus: Crochet thread snowflakes look elegant while not taking a long time to complete (this mother of three could knock it out in a weekend with minimal house chores neglected).

You can checkout my Christmas and Winter Projects Pinterest Board for some inspiration. What project(s) are you looking at tackling this holiday season?

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