Thursday, November 16, 2017

Plastic Bag Holder

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Earlier this week I was cleaning out my kitchen pantry, when I was viciously attacked by a large pile of plastic grocery bags. Plastic bags every where! I had to do something to corral this unruly gang, which sent me searching on Pinterest for a free crochet plastic bag holder. I wasn't going to be spending money on a cheap fix when I can spend more on supplies to make something myself :D

 I settled on this fancy crochet plastic bag holder pattern, an intermediate skill level. I didn't want any type of old bag holder, but one to help fancy up my dreary little pantry. It has been a while since I challenged my crocheting skills. I've been crocheting for years, so I can handle this!

Now that the pattern was settled, I set out to obtain the necessary supplies. I searched through my yarn stash scattered throughout various rooms in my house (No, I don't have a craft room. That'll probably be a separate sob story post). There was a nice skein of black on hand that I didn't have any projects projected for, so I thought it would be perfect!

Ah, how foolish was I?

I quickly learned why I didn't have any projects planned for that black yarn...because my aging eyes cannot see the stitches well unless the room is very well lit. I'm talking LED bulb spotlight on my crochet project bright! It is getting darker earlier and earlier each day, so hours of day light are limited. It is only three o'clock in the afternoon and it is grey, gloomy, and getting dark already. Plus my hubby hates artificial light, especially florescent or LED bright lights, so my aging eyes were not liking this color at all. Unfortunately, it was showing in the product. There were multiple mistakes and I kept losing my stitch count. Below is a picture to give you an idea, but the picture makes it look better than how it looks in person. It is all wonky. The arrows are supposed to be alternating directions, which I messed up. Ugh! Sounds like a lot of trouble for a bag holder, huh?

Rather than getting discouraged, I decided to change my plan of attack. First, ditch the black yarn to the back of the yarn stash (I mean buried deep so it doesn't see the light of day) and pick a lighter color. I couldn't continue with the way things were going. My eyes thanked me for this one. I decided on the color, aran.  

It looked close to the color of yarn used in the pattern's picture. I couldn't go wrong with that. So, how did it turn out?

Let's just say that I am very glad I did. While it is hard to tell by the picture, the sizing, design, and shape turned out 100 percent better than my other attempt. I was able to whip this up in half the time it took me to do the little bit I did in black. It is amazing how well a project turns out when you can see what you're doing.

Now that I had the main body done, I tackled the top, bottom, and cord. They whipped up in no time. Once assembled, I stuffed it to the brim with all the plastic bags it could hold. Now it is hanging from one of my pantry shelves helping me keep all those grocery bags organized. Now when I need one to line my small trash bins or clean up pet messes, I just pull one from the bottom of my fancy holder.

Would I do this project again? I'm not sure. While it turn out beautiful in the end, it just seemed like a lot of hassle for a bag holder. I had some mishaps; however, I think the overall pattern could be redesigned to achieve the same look without being as complicated. There may be some future design tinkering posts regarding this beauty.

Happy hookin' and stitchin'!

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